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RETURN ALL GLOBAL MINISTRY INC. is running with the Vision of Bringing All People to Jesus Christ.

We are Going to the Field, Raising Kingdom Champions, Building GOD’S People, and Sending them to Win the nations to JESUS.

We believe that God has ordained humanity for Championship. We are destined to win all the battles of life. However, Championship is impossible without Jesus Christ. The Life of Championship begins with Salvation. Have you surrendered your life to Jesus? Accept Him today and enter into endless possibilities and unending triumphs over all attacks of the devil. Say this Prayer:

“Lord Jesus, I am a sinner. Have mercy on me and wash away my sins. From now, You are my Lord and Saviour. I am born again. I am a Champion”

Congratulations! You are now a child of God. We can help you grow in your new faith. Download the CHAMPIONS COURSE (Keys for Winning the War against your Destiny). CLICK HERE

Our Theme for the Month of June 2022 is THE BLESSING OF THE LORD, Gen 22:11.18. In this New Month, The Covenant Blessing of the LORD will be lavished and evident in every area of your life in Jesus Name. Amen. Arise!



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