RID Leadership Academy

RID Leadership Academy is Building Contemporary Leaders who are proffering and implementing solutions to emerging needs of humanity in various fields of influence.

We run a yearly Learning Calendar with 3 Phases per year, that gives you the privilege to register when you prefer. Our Leadership Training is in 3 Phases;

* School of Peak Leadership: 1st Session

* School of Refining Gifts: 2nd Session; and

* School of Unlimited Impact: 3rd and Final Session.

You will enjoy Impactful Leadership Sessions that will stir you into Self Discovery and Mastery, Personal Management for People Development, Discovery of Purpose and Divine Calling, Actualizing Vision with Precision and Lots more. These Sessions will help you Gain and Increase your Kingdom Influence in the Workplace. Get ready for Destiny!

We also travel on demand to facilitate and train Leaders, Ministers, Church Workforce, Student Pastors and Career Persons. Call us today for enquiries or to book a Training Sessions. Send an email to: ridlead@gmail.com

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