Praise God for the year 2018. We are speechless yet full of outrageous joy for God’s matchless exploits, dealings and blessings upon us. Indeed, we are not the same. All the glory to Jesus! Halleluyah!

The theme for the year 2019 is “I AM TRIUMPHANT IN JUDGEMENT” and the anchor Scripture is Psalm 11:1-7. I like to start this note with a confession. Having received God’s Word for the year, I wanted to just declare “2019: I Am Triumphant” but the Spirit of God kept nudging me to ensure I complete His statement, “I AM TRIUMPHANT IN JUDEGEMENT”. I like to admonish you to go through our monthly Ministry Notes that will be released on this website every month throughout this year, and other Teachings and Posts. They will all help you to stay abreast of what God has planned for you and how to thoroughly fit into His agenda for now and the coming days.

In 2019, we shall experience outstanding Victories in every area. We shall not be hidden because we shall experience refreshing and enjoy unusual liftings. God will cause us to stand out greatly. God’s people will rise into Leadership in all spheres of influence and careers across the nations of the earth. Righteousness is really beginning to pay publicly. Oh, what a year we have long waited for! Like in the story of Joseph and Daniel, Godly character will become a prerequisite for employment and promotions in the corporate field. Then very notably, God will be using us to execute His judgements across the nations of the earth. His judgements are His ways, and the people of the earth will definitely be willing to learn them. What this means is that, we will enforce change in all sectors. Believers will transform organisations, corporations and nations to operate by righteous codes of conducts. When we speak, governments will pay attentions; because of the manifold proofs that God will be giving His children. Believers will be creating withy inventions; uncommon innovations that will command global respect. Both individually and corporately, the Church will become too powerful for the governments in place. Yes, Nigeria will become a righteous nations and God will be glorified greatly. You should begin to see a new you by now!

Brethren, we are in very uncommon days. While we are Triumphant, for the world, it will be complete judgement. 2019 launches the world into the Day of God’s wrath, Psalm 110:5. The Spirit of God had it laid on my earth that, “the world is upon turbulent waters”. I would reveal as much as the LORD permits me in this note but our emphasis would be on what the LORD would have us do in this season, because His wisdom is our pathway to gallantly walk on the waters that trouble others. In 2019,

  • God will concentrate attention on Leaderships across the nations of the earth. The Spirit of God told me that “many in leadership think they have arrived, when actually they barely just started”. In Politics, Ministry, Corporate setting, etc; many people who refuse to accept God’s dealings and heed to His instructions, will fail.
  • There will be great number of deaths across the nations, especially among political leaders. Nigeria is presently one of the nations with the highest number of political parties, but as 2019 rounds up and the coming years unfold, many people will practically abandon politics and government because of the wave of disasters that will be recorded.
  • For visionaries across various fields, including Ministry; the year will be very hectic. The world will practically realise the need to follow God and genuine leaders. So, there will be high demand for true leadership, and this would usher in so much work. There will be a need for wisdom, balance, focus and the Spirit of Humility. As God lifts His people, we must not be high minded.
  • The Church of God will also experience a great deal of judgement. In fact, ministers who have been unfaithful to the Master and have turned Ministry into their business will be whipped by the LORD. Many will be cast out of the field as unfit.


Ps 2:10-12-

“Be wise now therefore, O ye kings: be instructed, ye judges of the earth. Serve the LORD with fear, and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him”

The secret is Kingdom Service!!! It is not that hide-and-seek method of being a church worker but keeping a girl friend at the office. It also not the method of giving large offerings while accepting and taking bribes at work. This Triumph amidst judgement is only for “….true worshippers (who) shall worship (and serve) the Father in spirit and in truth…” John 4:23. “MY VERSION”

There will be judgement and it will come to purge and burn everything unclean. Those who serve God in Truth and in Spirit would be Triumphant while Judgement would be swallowing up others. Serve the LORD with your Leadership position. Serve God in public, not just in church. Accord Jesus the honour due to Him because His wrath is at hand, and you could perish.

I admonish you to make the decision Now, the decision to truly serve God. No more gimmicks, no more pranks, no more hidden sins. Confess them Now and decide to Serve the LORD in Spirit and in Truth. There is Grace to follow Jesus in Truth. Receive it Now as you Pray to Him.

As a Ministry, we embark on 21 Days fasting from 1st – 21st January 2019. I advise you to Join Us. Use the Prayer Bulletin with Prayer Points for each day. Click Here to Download the Prayer Bulletin. You will surely testify!

I also like to hear from you, either to know about your decision, or your Testimony. Please send me a Private Message Here. I am praying with you.

God bless you richly. Arise!!!

President, RGOchampions

Deji David Olanrewaju

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