Congratulations and happy new year 2023. Welcome to our year of ESTABLISHEMENT IN HONOUR. 1 Kings 2:12 says, “Then sat Solomon upon the throne of David his father; and his kingdom was established greatly.” Solomon assumed the throne prepared for him; it was a Generational Benefit. But apart from becoming king, God gave stability and peace to his reign. There are basic things that God will do for you this year 2023.

However, by the help of the Holy Spirit, I will be unveiling God’s heart for His people in a number of notes. This is the first, other notes will follow in the coming days. Please, give attention to what God is saying to us in these scripts. They are for our eternal benefits.

What Does It Mean to be Established in Honour?

  • GOD will Pull You Out of every pit, prison and conspiracy of delay.

2022 was tough for many because it was a year of Final Tests for God’s people. While we have been praying, God has been trying and testing and making us. God does not give you what He has prepared, until you are prepared from His standards.

So, if you survived the storms of the previous year, and did not forsake Jesus; congratulations. In 2023, God will grant you Prison to Palace Testimonies.

  • GOD will Enthrone You and Your Generation.

You have been hopping from job to job. At first, the new job will thrill you, but a few months down, you are dissatisfied. Actually, it is not a job you desire, your heart has been yearning for your place in destiny

In 2023, God will bring you to the Place of Destiny. The pit, slavery and prison have been pathways. Now, God will set you upon the much awaited Covenant Heights ordained for you. He will fulfill His Covenant promises for you. Even if it never existed, because of you, a place will be created at the top. Hallelujah!

Your lifting comes with Establishment. This means, God will make your reign last. What God is doing in 2023, will make your children and those after them, benefit from this Covenant Fulfilment.

  • GOD will incapacitate every threat to your Reign.

There are 2 basic ways God incapacitates threats to our reign. He either makes your enemies to be at peace with you; or He executes your enemies completely. Because we are in the season of judgement, I perceive that in 2023, God may kill people for your sake; especially those who refuse to give you space and peace.  You will enjoy Peace and Joy throughout 2023 and onward. Hallelujah!

What Does God Require of Us in 2023?

Amongst other requirements that will help secure your Honourable Establishment, all of which we would dig into in subsequent notes, God’s primary requirement for His people this year is Love. 1 Sam 13:14 says, “But now thy kingdom shall not continue: the LORD hath sought him a man after his own heart, and the LORD hath commanded him to be captain over his people,…”

It takes a genuine heart for God, to come into the Palace and Destiny prepared for you. Without Genuine Love for GOD, you cannot come into the Palace and Kingdom Royalty will be terminated. Wherever you are now, love God genuinely and serve Him dedicatedly, He will seek you out this year 2023.

Saul lost his place because his heart was no longer with God, 1Kings 13:13.

Solomon began well, loving God with all his heart, 1Kings 3:3; but his heart left God, and his love for God was replaced by love for strange women, 1Kings 11:1. God cut off His Established and Generational Honour, 1Kings 11:9-11.

Love the LORD with all your might, your soul, your body and your resources. It takes love to lead in this Kingdom. It takes love to maintain royalty. If your love for God is not intact, you cannot rise into destiny no matter how much you try.

What are the Proofs of your Genuine Love for God?

  • Put God first in everything! Matt. 6:33.
  • Serve God on His terms not yours. He calls the shots; we are privileged servants. Obey His instructions, all of them; and obey them delightsomely. John 14:15.
  • Serve God with your whole heart. Stop this eye service and gimmicks. Mark 12:30.
  • Win souls. Win souls. Win souls into His Kingdom. Prov. 11:30.
  • Pursue His Kingdom agenda with all your heart. Num. 25:11-12.

These are the primary proofs of your love for God. These are the bars on the Ladder to your Establishment in Honour. Commit to them now, and nothing will be able to able to stop your testimonies in 2023, and onward in Jesus name.

God bless you. Arise!

Deji David Olanrewaju

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    1. May the lord honor you and the Ministry.
      God bless you a wonderful guide.

  1. Amen…wow this is powerful…so refreshing and enriching.Thank you Sir & Ma.

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