Hallelujah! The battles of the devil are believers’ tools for producing and replicating victories we have read about and seen happen in the lives of other people. The Bible says, “…count it all joy when you fall into diverse temptations” James 1:2. This means, battles are meant to bring joy, because they are the stepping stones to victory and serve as raw material for strengthening of our faith in Christ Jesus.

Below are 5 types of battles the devil specializes in using;

  • Personal Battles

These are battles that face a believer because of the choices and decisions he or she has made.

Personal battles are not always the handwork of the devil, but they give the enemy access and foothold to manipulate, punish and sometimes prolong the effects of the battles in the life of the individual concerned.

An example of a Personal Battle is the consequence of sin. Rom 6:23 says, “For the wages of sin is death…” When a man goes into sin, he has chosen to be enslaved by the devil. He is drawn by his desires and gives himself in. This is a decision, and the devil who specializes in taking advantage of those who fall, will mount other issues into the concerned individual, if confession unto salvation is not done on time.

Every believer must be careful about the choices he or she makes. Because even as children of God, if we make wrong decisions, even in our normal work lives, we will face consequences. Then sometimes, depending on the nature of decisions, these consequences can be grievous.

  • Unknown Battles

These are battles raging against individuals but in deception. The devil is a master in deception, he does not like Light, he hates the Truth. Actually, the devil will have loved to do all things hidden.

Unknown battles are wars that rage in such a way that the victims know that something is wrong, but they cannot figure out where it is coming from. These are battles that disguise and manipulate the victims.

There was this brother while we were on campus. When eating, he will just discover that his food was reducing faster than how he was eating it. Someone was eating with him but he couldn’t see the person. This is battle in deception. He could see the impact but could not trace the source.

Unknown battles can only be destroyed by Light. This means, until the power or personality behind the battle is unveiled, the battle continues. You must pray for God to expose every power and force fighting you, then the enemy can be defeated.

Pray like this, “Father, open my eyes to see what is affecting my life in secret in Jesus name”

  • Inherited Battles

These are wars passed from generation to generation. You know, the devil is a bastard; he loves to counterfeit the things of God. The devil knows that the blessings of God are generational, so he decided to create household wickedness and inherited curses.

Sometimes, inherited battles flow in the bloodline. Sometimes, they are afflictions and sicknesses that the enemy passes from parents to children using monitoring spirits and strongmen attached to families that have not received deliverance.

Listen to me! If you find yourself going through the battles that your parents went through, you have Spiritual work to do. And if you notice a repetition of certain evil traits flowing in your family, you need to Wake Up and Stop the devil before it stops you.

Inherited battles are overcome by good understanding of your Redemptive Rights in Christ Jesus, and your ability to enforce them through prayers. See, the devil gives way for the man that knows his Rights in Christ Jesus!

  • Associated Battles

These are battles born out of association with the wrong person or people. For instance, if you marry a man or woman with battles, you will share from it. If you enter into a relationship with a man or woman with battles, you will carry part of it. If you enter into Business Partnership with an embattled associate, you will share in the consequences. This is why you must be careful about associations you enter into, including casual friendships.

I remember some years back, I boarded a bus from Makurdi, headed for Lagos. We were still in Benue when the bus had an accident. The bus somersaulted and landed in the bush. But thank God, we all made it alive. One man had major injury, and the Lord told me that, the devil was out to kill that man. We were in the bus he entered, so we had to be in the accident.

Pray for yourself: Father, deliver me from every association sponsoring battles in my life. I will not enter the wrong association anymore in Jesus name. Amen!

  • Inflicted/Enforced Battles

These are battles that are enforced on individuals by the devil himself or by his agents. I have seen where people are instruments in the hands of the devil without even knowing.

As undergraduates on campus, I knew a lady who had a sexual-magnet in her life. Whenever she was around a man, the man will be feeling a strong urge to have sexual intercourse with her. The enemy planted this battle in her life and she did not even know. All she observed was that, many guys were interested in having sex with her at any given opportunity.

Enforced and Inflicted battles thrive in the lives of powerless people. When a person lacks the power of the Holy Spirit, the devil can enforce trash on him or her. Be filled with the Holy Ghost for “…..the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour” 1Peter 5:8.

Pray for yourself: Father, uproot everything the enemy has planted and enforced on my life, in Jesus name.

How Do You Gain Victory Over These Battles?

  • Be Born Again

Salvation through Christ Jesus is the only escape route out of the entrapment and battles of the enemy. If you are not yet born again, or if you are just living without total submission to Jesus, pray like this:

“Lord Jesus, I am a sinner; have mercy on me. I believe you died for me to be free. Wash me clean with your Blood. I receive you into my heart as my Lord and Saviour. From now, I am born again. I receive Championship over sin, satan and the world. Amen!”

Congratulations! Now, you are born again!

  • Grow and Understand your Redemptive Rights

As a new believer, you are a baby in faith. You need to grow so that your Spiritual muscles will be strong enough, or else you may face challenges too hard for you to handle.

There are many treasures available for you in Christ, but they are only accessible through growth. Feast daily on the Word of God. Receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Make prayers your daily and constant habit. Get a Church or Fellowship where the Truth of God’s Word is taught. Then, you need someone to disciple and mentor you.

I mentor and disciple Champions through Arise Network Champions Family (ANCF), a Kingdom community of young vibrant believers from all works of life. Send a Whatsapp message to +234 817 040 7813, requesting to be added to ANCF Online Forum.

  • Pray and Enforce your Victory

The devil only submits in warfare. Many Christians who are loosing to the devil are doing so because of their inability in warfare. You need to learn to pray and pray through. Basically, praying with the right knowledge is a must. Furthermore, praying in alliance with the right people is very key to gaining your victory.

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Pastor Deji David Olanrewaju

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