God does not just want you to make money, He wants you to have sustainable Financial Breakthroughs. God does not just want you to get a contract and then return to point zero after a few weeks. His Principles are enduring, so He wants you to make it big, and then sustain that level, and then grow further.

You are not blessed just because you made some huge cash through contracts; you are blessed financially when you can remain at that level that God shoots you into over time. This month, I decree as long as God lives, He will lift you up and keep you there.

Say to yourself; “As for me, God will lift me UP and keep me THERE” Hallelujah! Glory to God.

No matter your financial level, you can rise. Honestly, you can! I really need to encourage anyone who is not doing well financially, your story in changing today in Jesus name. No matter how bad it has been, you can rise financially.

Personally, I have seen my life and finances grow consistently but it has also been deliberately. Financial Increase is consciously and deliberately cultivated. Money is dangerous in the hands of a man who does not know how to grow it. Money is a neutral instrument. It is good in the hands of a good man, and of course, bad in the hands of a bad person.

God wants you to grow and increase whatever He has put in your hands. Don’t ever forget this! Let me put it this way…. You earn N65,000 monthly?

When you collect your November 2020 salary, don’t only go about planning how to disburse the funds. Remember that, the salary is Financial Potential not Financial Reward!

Why? Because God wants you to grow and increase whatever He has put in your hands. God is not as concerned about what you earn as He is as concerned about what you can earn.

Man is created to be a creative and not a consuming being. It is Un-Kingdom to consume all that you earn? In fact, it is inhuman to consume all that you earn. Why? You are created to be a co-creator. So when you consume all you get, you are operating below the human level. You are created to be a creative being. Do not forget this!

Matt 25:16-17 says, “Then he that had received the five talents went and traded with the same, and made them other five talents. And likewise he that had received two, he also gained other two.”

When you multiply the money in your hand, God is happy with you.

Whatever amount you earn, in order to multiply your finances and grow your Financial Level, even if your salary does not increase, do the following….

Get a Part time or Full time Job

Even if you have a full-time job, as long as you know that the salary is too small, get a part time job to add something to your pocket. Jobs do not pay people, work does! You are not paid because you do a job, you are paid because you solve a problem. Apart from the job you do, what else can you do to earn? Apart from resuming in the office and closing late in the evening, what problem(s) can you solve for someone else somewhere that can fetch you some legitimate income? Answer these questions and show up; and you will earn.

Daily, people are in need of persons who can help them edit their books/articles, create designs, plan their trips, dry-clean their wears, etc. Some people also need professional services; consultants, teachers, personal coaches, event planners, etc. What can you do to help someone? What problems can you solve? That problem is your ticket to earn more! The guys in Matt 25:16-17 went trading their skills. What else can you trade?

Covenant Practise

Financial Prosperity in this kingdom is traceable to Covenant Practise. God’s Covenant blessings are only committed to those who fulfil the Covenant demands. No matter how much you work, the enemy can rob you of your income and earnings. It takes Covenant Practise to secure your Covenant blessings.

Gen 8:22 says, “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, …..shall not cease”

The law of sowing and reaping is constant, it cannot cease. If you want to be blessed in this Kingdom, YOU MUST GIVE. If you like don’t give, you will remain poor.

I have seen my finances climb dramatically, because we have committed ourselves to Covenant Practises. There are people that work more than you, yet earn less. Work is not the only formular for financial increase.

You must learn how to secure God’s backing so that your efforts are not a waste. And God’s Covenant backing is secured via Covenant Practise. If you do not give as a low income earner, you will remain low. If you want to climb out of a financial level, commit to giving bountifully at that level. It is the seed that you sow that God blesses.

You earn little? Be a cheerful giver at that level.

You earn averagely? Give bountifully at that level

You earn well? Well, you can still grow further by giving bountifully.

If you withhold your income from God, giving the excuse that you earn little, you will remain there. I have seen Christians who can spoil money on personal outings, but ask for support for God’s work….N2000 will be squeezed out only after a million thoughts and sigh.

Even if anyone lay hands and legs on you and release Prophetic Blessings, the blessings will pass you by if you are not committed to Giving. It is that simple! You cannot beat a man who gives, at receiving. He will not need to pray about it.

How to you commit to the Covenant?

– Pay your Tithe: 10% of all your income. Don’t eat your tithe;

– Give Offerings: At Spiritual gatherings, give to God;

– Kingdom Projects: Support Kingdom advancement initiatives;

– Help the Needy: those who need your help while you have what is required;

– Prophet Offerings: Bless those who nourish you Spiritually;

– Give to your Parents.

Save from Every Income

It is Scriptural to save. The Bible talks to lazy people, to learn savings from the ant. The ant, though small, has learnt that, “if I must have food and resources in the future and at times of need, I must learn to save when I earn and/or have plenty.” Prov. 6:6-8

From this Scripture, whether you are a hustler or workaholic, as long as you do not know how to save, you are a Financial sluggard. A Financial sluggard is one who earns but does not set something aside for later. A Financial sluggard is one who eats and consumes everything he or she earns. A Financial sluggard is anyone who does not save from income. Imagine how many financial sluggards we have in churches!

Today, your change has come!

It is an abomination in God’s Kingdom, to consume everything you receive. Save from every income.

“Pastor, it is not easy to save o.” I have heard this repeatedly.

I have some books coming soon: the Financial Intelligence Series

In these 3 books, I have discussed in details, how to save money efficiently. In Financial Intelligence Series, you will also discover why you must learn to save money if you want to be very rich.

Whatever you earn, no matter how little or large, it contains the seed you need for the financial future you desire. Your present income contains the financial greatness you anticipate. If you consume everything, you consume your seed and therefore consume your financial future.

This is why it is possible to earn large and still stay poor. You must learn how to save from whatever you earn, so you are prepared for investments that show up unannounced.

Begin to Create Multiple Streams of Income

Deut 8:18 says, “But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day”

God gives us Power to MAKE wealth. Money is manufactured. If you will grow your Financial Level, you must commit to creating Multiplying Streams of Income.

2021 is close, and you are a Creative Being. Include Generating Multiple Streams of income into your plans for the new year; refuse to stay on one channel of income.

From what you earn, plan and set aside some cash that you can reinvest in other profitable schemes. There are several things you can do to Generate Multiple Streams of Income, and I have discussed them in the Financial Intelligence Series. Some of them are;

– Start a New Business

– Invest in property, stocks and bonds

– Get into reliable Multilevel Marketing (MLM) Schemes

– Get into a Lucrative Partnership

The Financial Intelligence Series include;

– Financial Intelligence for Young People (How Teenagers and Youths can Earn, Save, Manage and Multiply Money)

– Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs

– Financial Intelligence for Ministers, Missionaries and Church Leaders

These books are filled with Kingdom strategies for creating Multiply Streams of Income. And they are cheaper when you pre-order

Pre-order for your copy now. Click here

God bless you.

Deji David Olanrewaju

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