Welcome to the Month of July 2017; our Month of HARVEST OF TONGUES; Acts 2:2-8. We are in a Season of Spiritual Harvest, and the LORD will be pouring out His Spirit across the Nations of the earth and Strange manifestations will be recorded across the globe.

I remember some years back. I had the privilege to Minister at the Teenagers Camp of the Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria. The Spirit of God broke out on the young people at one of our evening gatherings and we had all manner of Spiritual manifestations: baptism of the Holy Spirit, manifestation of Spiritual Gifts, Healing, Deliverance with strange spirits crying out, Heavenly Visions and Revelations, etc. Very spectacular was a young female teenager whose tongue was locked up in a foreign language for hours. On speaking to her, she could reply but in a different tongue she hadn’t learnt previously. It was a great display of Heaven on earth.

The Good news is, that Season is here! From this month of July 2017,

  • People will burst into new tongues on the streets as they walk along, by the release of God’s Spirit.
  • Believers will greatly manifest the Gifts of New Tongues and Interpretation of Tongues.
  • There will be a Great Strength released to the Body of Christ to rise into Leadership positions, across all spheres of influence, and in all nations of the earth.
  • Believers who open themselves up to the LORD will enjoy speed in Spiritual Growth.
  • God will be talking audibly to His people, like never before. More believers will enjoy open conversation with God.
  • Congregations will manifest the sign gift of Tongues and many more people will come to Christ through this open manifestation.

These and many more are God’s promises for us from this new month. Our responsibility is to believe all of God’s Word and take steps of faith to ensure we maximize them.

I therefore invite you to join me and other Champions to fast and pray from 1st – 3rd July, trusting God for a most fruitful and productive month. I and the Ministry Team will be praying for you, and I prophesy that it will be a month of all round Testimonies for you. Please send in your testimonies, we like to rejoice with you.

Finally, take time to listen to the Free Audio Messages at the Right Hand side of this website; they are for your Spiritual Enrichment. God bless you. Keep Winning!

‘Deji David Olanrewaju