Welcome to Strange Times of Unusual Spiritual Orders. I have no doubt in my heart that men will begin to experience a fearful order of supernatural manifestations across the nations of the earth; and your life will not be left out of God’s great move in Jesus name. Amen.

June 2018 is our Month of ADVANCEMENT; and the anchor Scripture is Joshua 8:1- “And the LORD said unto Joshua, Fear not, neither be thou dismayed: take all the people of war with thee, and arise, go up to Ai: see, I have given into thy hand the king of Ai, and his people, and his city, and his land”. There are a number of parameters the Church of God across the nations of the earth, must give attention to in this new month;

  • We have heard rumours and confirmed a manipulative move of Jihadism across the nations of the earth, including Nigeria. But the LORD is saying to us: FEAR NOT! We are in a Season of Judgement and God is strategically destroying every agenda of hell that have oppressed His Bride over the years. So relax, nothing can dominate us. I have a challenge with Christians who are more preoccupied with circulating the news of an agenda to Islamise Nigeria; this is a product of fear. There is equally an unstoppable plan to dominate the earth with the Kingdom of God. As fearless Evangelists, let’s focus our strengths on spreading the Good News of the Kingdom of God, targeting a Global Dominion. Channel your efforts at spreading the faith that comes from the Gospel instead of the fear that comes from an Islamic agenda. Fear not; Spread Christ.
  • From June 2018, everywhere Believers have previously failed, we shall begin to succeed. Everywhere we have been denied, we shall receive favour. Everywhere we have lost life, resources and hope, we shall find restoration. Ai defeated Israel in a previous confrontation; but in Joshua chapter 8, the tables had turn. All things have turned in our favour. Go back and start that business. Return to take that examination. Go back to reclaim your portion. June 2018 is ushering Believers across the earth into Triumphant Restoration of everything lost. Hallelujah!
  • June 2018 will usher Believers into territorial dominion. Christians will begin to take charge of great industries, commanding troops, leading nations and dominating on every side. Psalm 8:6- “Thou madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hand…” Men will come to their lowest points, and call on us to lead them. God will practically hand over to you, territories you did not contest for. Get ready for the top! Get ready to advance into your promise land!


Our Responsibility

Every promise has a requirement and every season has a key. Daniel 7:27- “And the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the saints of the most High…”. Holiness is the key to advancing into your promise land. Spirituality is the bedrock for sustaining Kingdom heights. God gives kingdoms to saints and not to mere church goers. If you must walk in the fullness of triumphant rule over end time forces, you must make holiness your life style. Like Daniel, choose to live holy and not defile yourself, refuse to succumb to the daily temptations that confront you.

Righteousness is a gift we receive by faith in Christ Jesus, but holiness is a responsibility we must decide and commit to keep. Holiness is a decision backed up with a commitment, practiced as a lifestyle to stay clear of anything that defiles and walk in purity of heart and works.

The starting point however is to belong to Jesus. You may be a church goer but not a Jesus follower. Declare Jesus as your Lord and Saviour Now. Genuinely Confess this prayer: “Lord Jesus, I am a sinner. Have mercy on me. I believe you died and rose from the dead for my sake. Wash me clean in your Blood, from now, I am born again. I receive Grace to live in holiness. Amen”.

Have faith that you are a new person. Welcome to the Kingdom of God. Contact us to inform us of your Salvation, we would be glad to help you grow in faith. God bless you. Arise!!!

Deji David Olanrewaju