Thank God for the success of MAKE YOUR HOME WORK Conference 2.0. Indeed, the impact of 2021 edition will last a life time.

We like to appreciate all participants for attending the Conference. We are already praying for you that the enemy will not find foothold in your relationships and marriages. As you implement the Kingdom Principles discussed, God will make your marriages and homes sweet, blissful and honey-filled in Jesus name.

9th of October was our Wedding Anniversary, and we like to appreciate everyone for your prayers, messages, gifts and wishes. God bless you all.

The teachings at MAKE YOUR HOME WORK Conference were excerpts from our new book: BUILDING A SOLID FOUNDATION FOR THE HOME THAT MUST SUCCEED. This book is very necessary for anyone who;

* Wants to discover God’s plan in marriage;

* Wants to know how to overcome the temptations and pressures that come with singleness;

* Wants to build a Solid Foundation for a Marriage that will last;

* has questions on Sex, Honeymoon, Dating, Wedding Preparations, Overcoming pressures of early days in marriage, etc.

BUILDING A SOLID FOUNDATION FOR THE HOME THAT MUST SUCCEED is available for order. Get your copy now. God bless you. Arise!