OCTOBER 2017 THEME: GOD’S GLORY, Rev. 21:9-11.

Praise God for outstanding testimonies so far this year. God has been so faithful; it has indeed been our year of Resurrection.

October 2017 is our month of GOD’S GLORY! Revelation 21:9-11. October begins the last quarter of the year and I am excited to announce to you that God’s people will experience the greatest of God’s blessings so far in these few months left in the year. God will be releasing great encounters, manifestations of His Power, undeniable effects of His splendour and overwhelming release of His wealth upon us; all cumulating into His glory.

GOD’S GLORY means His splendour, His riches, the effect of His power, a display of His greatness. We have entered the month when He will use His people to show the greatness of His power to the nations of the earth. Your season to shine has come.

When God’s glory is upon a man, certain effects will become natural;

  • You will begin to shine for men to acknowledge;
  • You will attract the blessings of God and men; Isaiah 60:3
  • Men will begin to fear you, the enemies that formerly oppressed you will begin to run away from you, Exodus 34:30;
  • Holy living will become natural and easy for you, Isaiah 60:21;
  • You will become the solution to the problems of the nations of the earth, Isaiah 60:3;
  • Your will enjoy global dominion; your relevance will be undeniable and your businesses and career will prosper greatly; Isaiah 60:21;
  • You will not need to rely on the systems of this world – salary, government, etc.; you will enjoy Divine Grace to perform and excel regardless of the world economic system, Isaiah 60:19;
  • Your days of sorrow, bitterness and mourning are over forever, Isaiah 60:20.
  • You and all that you do will begin to expand and grow into greatness; you will no longer be small nor mediocre, Isaiah 60:22;

The list goes on for God’s people in this month and season of GOD’S GLORY.

What is God’s Primary Expectation, in order to Access His Glory?

John 11:40: “Jesus saith unto her, Said I not unto thee, that, if thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest see the glory of God?” KJV

Believe Him, Believe His Word, Believe His servant. Have faith in what God has just said to you. Walk in it, Confess it, Work towards it. You will see God’s Glory and Manifest the glorious life everyday in Jesus name. Amen!

Join us in fasting and praying from 1st – 3rd of the month, enforcing the reality of GOD’S GLORY for you. God bless you.

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‘Deji David Olanrewaju