Over the years, I have dedicated time and efforts to equip Young People on how to Create a Life than beats the current and emerging pressures we have found ourselves. The current trend in the workplace, filled with job insecurity and financial torments is leaving many students and young people in a near-hopeless situation.

I graduated from the higher institution 10 years ago equipped to walk out on any paying job and spit in the face of unemployment. While in the higher institution, I told some colleagues,

“Your plan is to earn a degree and get paid may be N250,000 monthly, my plan is to be able to pay people like you”

Join me by 5.00pm, on Sunday 10th May 2020; for YOU DO NOT NEED A CERTIFICATE TO SUCCEED Free Online Session. This Session is aimed at;

  • Exposing You to the Deficient Academic System and What to do in Order to Beat the Deception;
  • Helping Students and Young People prepare not just to Graduate with a Certificate, but Be Ready to Generate Attention, Value, Good Income and a Comfortable Life after School;
  • Building You to Be Employers of Labour;
  • Helping You Discover Purpose and Build a Personal Brand;
  • Helping you Balance Academics and Side Hustles.

Fill the form below to participate in this session. This Free Registration closes 3.00pm (WAT) on Sunday 10th May 2020.

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